Discover the game-changing advantages of Castalise

Castalise helps your organization properly and securely leverage the power of data

On its own, data has limited value. By connecting your data assets with centralized access controlCastalise helps your team use data to reach informed insights and decisions faster than before. Set roles and permissions that respect complianceunlock synergies between your teams and external partners, assess missing gaps in your data strategy and complement internal data with external data – all while reducing costs across the board. 

Data can help your organization improve and grow its revenue in new and unexpected ways. One organization’s data is another organization’s treasure and we’ve seen data re-used across seemingly unrelated sectors and tools repurposed for completely different use-cases. Being able to collaborate securely and create data products with partners, clients, and even competitors can open up unlimited opportunities to further monetize your assets.

Businesses built around data tend to be more profitable and better valued by investors. Building and monetizing data products help your organization set up incremental revenue streams that potentially may have more attractive financials than your core business. By defining your data, who might want it, and why they would want it, you will be able to tell exactly how valuable your data assets are and how they impact your balance sheet. 



Management consultants and insight service providers


Research institutions


Smart cities 

Banking and financial services 

Governments and public sector 

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