Castalise is a comprehensive platform enabling the full privacy of data in-use, thereby fully respecting data security, confidentiality, and ownership.

We aim to redefine the privacy calculus behind collaborating over data and help set the foundation for a responsible data economy through easily accessible and simple privacy-preserving tools. We have done the heavy lifting behind the scenes to ensure the least amount of steps to unlock your potential.

We envision a world where access to sensitive data is no longer a roadblock. A world where data scientists, entrepreneurs, and enterprises can work on solving real world problems that were previously inaccessible. Most importantly, a world empowered by decentralized technologies that remove trust out the equation.

Our vision of a data-driven economy transitions from a world of Big Data riddled with risks into a world of Open Data enabled by secure collaboration.

Team Behind Castalise

Mahmoud Deghaim

Co-founder & CEO

Omar Wehbeh

Co-founder & CTO

William Saad

Co-founder & COO


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