A Blockchain-Enabled Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Platform

Why Castalise?

Castalise is a privacy-preserving machine learning platform that lets
developers | researchers | data scientists | analysts build, train, and run ML models on encrypted data

Data Governance & Residency

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, maintain full control over your data while adhering to privacy regulations and compliance with the highest level of confidentiality.

Blockchain & Encryption Simplified

Compiled with the latest blockchain and cryptography, Castalise lets you focus on building ML models without having to deal with the complexity behind advanced technologies.

Plug & Play Integration

Seamless integration between the Castalise Platform and your favorite tools using intuitive high-level APIs and SDKs.


An overview of the features helping you preserve your privacy

Database & Storage

Fast, scalable, and secure connectors to all data storage service providers

Access Policy

Easy key management enabled using smart contracts


Streamlined training & deployment of models in a privacy-preserving setting

Secure Computation

Unlocking Encryption-in-use and analytics with full data confidentiality

Teams & Roles

Customizable access rights through scalable teams management

Security Center

Step-by-step privacy checkups for full and easy control over your data

Use Case

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