Embrace a data strategy enhanced by blockchain and privacy-enhancing technologies.

We’ve designed our platform to help tip the scales in favor of sharing and processing data without the traditionally associated risks.

Blockchain simplified

Finally, a blockchain-enabled solution that your organization can put to use and benefit from without any technical concerns or experience.

Full data ownership and governance

As a data owner, you have full control and customizability of who has access to your data, how they use it, and what they can get from it.

Privacy by design simplified

Follow a step-by-step process to package your data assets as data products that could be easily used all while completely respecting data privacy.

Protecting asset value

Extract more value from data all without revealing its raw form and worrying about it ending up in the wrong hands or on some hacker forum.

Infrastructure Partners

The Oasis Network is a privacy-enabled layer-1 blockchain that supports confidential smart contracts. We’ve partnered with Oasis to make sure that nobody (and that includes us) can access your data without your permission. By partnering with Oasis, we can provide you a blockchain-backed guarantee for your data ownership and its security.

This is how the process happens in Castalise

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