Use Cases

Manage and leverage third-party data

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It’s becoming increasingly common for organizations to bring on 3rd party data with the hopes of improving both the quantity and quality of the information under their control. 

Expanding your data ecosystem to include all types of data can help you reach more informed decisions and build rich data products. However, managing various data sources with different policies and requirements is not an easy task. It can be even hard to keep track and assess the effectiveness of different data sources and their return on investment. 

For both providers and consumers of 3rd party data, having a good understanding of where your data is located and how it’s organized makes creating and measuring value much easier. On Castalise, you have complete control over your data with the final say on who can access it and how they can use it. You can also easily view different licensing terms and ensure compliance and auditability across all your data assets

Decrease liabilities of handling external data 

  • Add an extra layer of protection against data breaches
  • Extract value while respecting privacy requirements  
  • Ensure compliance with licensing terms and conditions  

Manage different 3rd party data options and contracts 

  • Track and assess usage and consumption 
  • Optimize your data spending on data that makes a difference
  • Understand where your data is located and how it is organized 

Establish a simplified data management process 

  • Add various tools and datasets as part of a collaborative data environment  
  • Set and abide by required access policies and controls within your workspace
  • Integrate data with different formats as part of a ready-to-consume data product   
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