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Create new revenue streams and securely monetize data

By September 3, 2021January 27th, 2022No Comments

Many organizations have come to realize that while the data they collect can be used to improve performance and processes, they can also play a big part in setting up new revenue streams – if done correctly.  

Data is a difficult product to handle. It is digital, easily copied, and hard to track. However, it’s true potential can only be unlocked if you can share it and, more often than not, the most valuable data is often sensitive and restricted in usage.  

This is why we have integrated confidential computation at the heart of our platform. Packaging your data assets along with the relevant tools in a self-service data product opens up a new sustainable process to securely monetize your data assets in a strategic way. With Castalise, you can invite partners, suppliers, distributors, or even competitors to contribute towards building data products that can generate unlimited upside without exposing anyone’s data.

Set up a secure collaborative projects environment 

  • Invite different contributors to build diverse data products 
  • Create rich data products using various datasets, models, and tools 
  • Gain a competitive edge over competitors that monetize data the old way 

Repurpose existing data and models

  • Modify existing data assets to deliver value for new use cases  
  • Use external tools and models to enrich your data assets  
  • Deliver tailor-made products to satisfy your clients’ business, format, and delivery requirements 

Go-to market faster with rich self-service data products 

  • Create custom-made data products easily and quickly
  • Set up data pipelines to automate the data product lifecycle 
  • Avoid re-inventing the wheel for each use by setting up templates 
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