Helping organizations securely collaborate and unlock the full potential of data 

The data industry has a scaling problem. It is said that the amount of data created doubles every two years. Yet, despite heavy investments in technology and people that help organizations create, transform, and move data, many still struggle to extract the maximum potential value from data. 

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

– John A. Shedd 

Data stored in silos or behind department walls won’t add much value to your bottom lineThe key to unlocking the value behind your data is to collaborate with others. However, this comewith risks or requirements that either forbid or make you think twice about sharing your data. This is where we come in.  

Our Goal

is to help organizationsstartups, data scientists, and researchers mitigate risks and roadblocks associated with collaborating over data

We’ll know we succeeded when:

  • Extracting value from data does not put ownership, security, privacy, or confidentiality at risk 
  • Data access is no longer the main hindrance blocking value creation or innovation 
  • AI at scale can move beyond identifying pictures of cats and dogs to solving real-world problems 

Values helping us get there:

Building a comprehensive data platform that brings the most optimal and latest in blockchain and privacy-enhancing technologies to our clients in a simple manner is no easy task. Our values are our sense of direction. 

  • Commitment; our goals are aligned with our clients’ and partners’ goals. Your satisfaction and success are our satisfaction and success. 
  • Transparency; our interactions are characterized as open and direct. Transparency is a pillar of trust, and trust is vital to success. 
  • Eagerness; each organization’s path to maximizing data value looks different. We are problem solvers inspired by and always looking for new challenges. 
  • Inclusivity; everyone has something to bring to the table. We especially value new perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.